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Important information regarding our policies


Payments must be received 2 days prior to the supervised visitation. The scheduled supervised visit will be postponed or cancelled if either the payment is not received in advanced or the service agreement has not be signed by both parties


48 hours notice is required to avoid a late cancellation fee of 3hrs of the fee applicable to the rate of the day related to the cancellation. A confirmation of the cancellation is required therefore it's important to contact the supervisor directly. If the supervisor arrives to supervise a visit and one of the parties does not arrive a no show fee will be charged for the entire duration of the visit. The parent at fault will be responsible fo the cost of the no show fee


To ensure that each visit is safe and meets the needs of the children a supervisor is limited to one supervisor per 3 children. Children under 12 months will require their own supervisor. Contact visits and locations must be age appropriate to provide a safe and practical venue.


Reports are prepared within 7 working days from the date of a supervised visit. Urgent reports can be requested at a fee of $40 if the supervisor is able to meet the required date. Reports are written on a final basis. Any disputes would incur an administration fee of $100 to be reviewed by management. Reports are compulsory


At SVN we take a child focused approach to ensure the children's safety and well-being are never at risk. The visitation will be terminated if the supervisor's view is that the environment has become too stressful for the children. Examples of situations are but not limited to:

  • Denigrating comments

  • Abusive behaviours to either the children or the supervisor

  • Failing to comply with the supervisors directions

  • If a parent is deemed to be under the influence of drug or alcohol.

  • non approved visitors are present during the visitation

  • comments relating to family law matters

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