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You Asked, We Answered

Can we choose the location of the visitation?

Yes, as long as both parties agree and the particular needs of the children and family are being met. SVN can facilitate contact visits at parks, play centres, other community locations as well as private venues

When can I start seeing my under supervision children?

The intake process generally takes 2 business days to complete. Once this has been agreed and completed the next step is find a suitable date for all parties 

Will my child/ren be safe?

Effective supervision is integral to creating environments that are safe and responsive to the needs of all children. Examples of safety measures taken during the visitation are as follows;

  • contact experienced support workers if problems or questions arise during contact

  • accompanying the children and parent at all times including bathrooms

  • intervening immediately in the event of inappropriate/unsafe conduct; and terminating the contact visit and returning the children to their carer/parent if necessary 

What can I expect from the Contact Report?

The supervisor will write a report which maybe captured at court by the legal representative of either parties. The report will capture the following details:

  • who attended the visit

  • activities and interactions that took place

  • information relevant to the wellbeing and welfare of the child/ren.

  • while supervisors seek to manage behaviours any events where a child displays distress due to a parents behaviour being inappropriate or hurtful such as denigrating remarks

Will my private information be disclosed to the other party?

SVN staff and management ensure that the rights of the children and their family's privacy and confidentiality are respected. SVN ensures private information such as the following is maintained:

  • home addresses

  • contact numbers

  • schools

When necessary, information is shared on a stick 'need to know' basis

When can I start seeing my children unsupervised?

SVN's role is to facilitate an environment that is safe and responsive to the needs of all the children. Decisions relating to the requirement of supervision are usually made involving the partiers, lawyers, and the Family Court.

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