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Our Vision

SVN champions a world in which all vulnerable families have access to safe and quality visitation services.

Our vision is to provide access to supervised visitation for all families by offering the most competitive rates without any hidden travel fees.

We provide supervised community-based contact services for the greater Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, and Mid-North Coast of NSW. 

We aim to establish supervised contact services within 48 hours by responding to all inquiries within 60 minutes.

We are proud to be an affiliated service of the Australian Children's Contact Service Association (ACCSA), supporting the need for accreditation of Child Contact Services (CCS). 


Services reconnecting families

Supervised Family Contact

Our supervisors are dedicated to ensuring that families have access to safe, secure and conflict-free access to their parents or caregivers during times of family conflict and transition. Comprehensive reports for each parent and representatives

Supervised Contact Reports

Comprehensive visit reports provided after each supervised contact visit by the families supervisor recognised by the court. 

Supervised Handover

Ensuring changeover of children between parents is conflict free 


To contact us, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm
Sat: 9am - 8pm
Sun: 9am - 8pm
Public Holidays 9am - 6pm


+61 0414 328 424

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    I'm the father of an amazing 2-year-old girl. When my ex-wife relationship ended with an ADVO and requested supervised contact to see my daughter, I was outraged that conflict resulting from our marriage breakdown resulted in a request for supervised contact to see my daughter. I found SVN to be very professional, understanding, and willing to help establish a contact visit within a week. As a bonus, they were the most affordable option.

    The supervisor had an extensive background in social services who remained very supportive throughout the months of supervision. She had a fantastic ability to melt into the background allowing my daughter and me to reconnect. Her reporting writing skills were unbiased and accurate, capturing the connection between myself and my daughter.


    I can't thank you enough for your support during a highly stressful period of my life. 


    Frustrated by the lack of accurate reporting and being micromanaged during contact supervision, I decided to change companies. I was initially apprehensive as I was worried about how it will appear in court. However, after making the change, I had no regrets as the service's professionalism allowed me the space to reconnect with my son. The supervisor's professionalism extended to her accurate reports and support during the road bumps associated with the challenges of supervised contact. 

    My advice is to ensure you choose a company committed to supporting families reunite and provides unbiased and accurate reporting, given their importance in assessing your capacity to progress to being unsupervised.


    Thank you SVN, I couldn't have got through this period of supervision without your support. 


    We have been delighted with the service SVN provided iWe have been delighted with the service SVN provided in supporting my ex-husband to reunite with our two children. It was challenging for all of us, given he hadn't seen our children for well over six months. After reviewing several companies, we selected SVN based on their ability to accurately capture and address my concerns and their commitment to providing the same supervisor when possible, allowing us to build a repour with the supervisor.


    Their professionalism was apparent when we experienced several issues during the visitations; the supervisor was able to provide the support required for my exhusband to reestablish his connection with our children. The supervisor was always on time and provided accurate and detailed reports. I valued their service as it allowed me to feel comfortable; my children were being supervised at all times by a competent supervisor.


    Thank you, SVN.

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